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for Orchestra​

& Group Class

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KOROGI Marimba



​HEMAN Solid Wood Beginners' Violin

Eastman EFL210SE.png


Eastman EFL210SE Flute



SAITO Marimba

brugen CM33.png


BRUGEN CM-33 Clarinet

DFTF 桌上木琴.png


DFTF 3.5 Octaves Desktop Xylophone

brugen FL33.webp


BRUGEN FL-33 Flute

sailors STB601.webp


SAILORS Trombone




School and Group Purchase

Beginners' Musical Instruments
for Group Class
Time to kick start instruments group classes?  We’ve already selected the following beginner instruments for you, rest assured that they are best choices to school group classes. Beginner instruments should be easy to sound, made by trust-worthy manufacturer, good quality, and low priced. Our selection fulfills the above expectation, and has been chosen by numerous schools to be the first instruments of their students. We welcome group purchase from schools or individual purchase online or offline.

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heman beginner-brand.png
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Beginners' String Instruments


​When you've found something you're interested...

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catalog V4 cover.png

ZO Beginners' Plastic Brass Instruments

Why Plastic? Why ZO?

The ZO Next Generation Plastic instruments are the best options for young brass learners. There are plenty irresistible reasons.
Product types

Western Music

Strings:Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass


Brass:Trumpet/French Horn/Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba

Percussion:Beginners Set/Orchestral series

Chinese Music





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