Qin Music Shop

We’re wholesale distributor and retailer of western and Chinese instruments, and music accessories. We stock the best products from a number of world renowned brands. Our shop is located in Mong Kok, the most convenient shopping district in Hong Kong.


Qin Music School

We build a community which belongs to teachers and students. We work as a good team to create a sharing culture, which breaks the loneliness of private lesson setting. In addition, we design your learning path that is unique and fun. We strike for a good balance between flexibility and systematic training to ensure you’re pursuing your goal. Qin Music School are located in Mongkok and Kowloon Bay.


Musikschule Program Hong Kong (MPHK)

Musikschule Program Hong Kong is our music education program, which pursues our mission of bringing a systematic group instrument and vocal training scheme into primary and secondary schools.


The termination of cooperation with Chris Ling

Qin Music Company Limited has terminated the partnership with previous tutor Chris Ling, and takes no liability for all dealings conducted by or involving Mr Ling from the date of this termination notice.

16 March 2016