Professional solid wood instruments

Solid wood instruments are essentials for players who are no longer beginners and ready to play more difficult and expressive music pieces. Our solid wood violins, violas, and cellos are from brands including Heman and Medici. These trust-worthy workshops will not upset you by neither low quality nor unreasonable pricing. We sincerely invite you to come and try!

Beginners' instruments

Heman beginner violins, violas and cellos are best value for money, and have been chosen by numerous schools and teachers to be the first instruments of their students. You may choose your favourite model according to wood quality and budget.

Antique & vintage instruments

An extraordinary instrument of long history gives players a unique and perfect music making experience. Its wood, maker and previous owners decided how it sounds and responds to you. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re going to explore the possibilities of getting one of them.

Italian and French instruments

The tradition and craftsmanship of Italian and French violin making are treasures of the world. The incomparable sound quality can help performers to actualize their ideal music. Please contact us to know what we have currently, and book and appointment to try them out.

German and Eastern European instruments

For advanced performers who wish to taste the special quality of European instruments, we highly recommend our instruments from Germany, as well as Eastern Europe. They won’t cost you too much but you would certainly feel how the solid, bright and beautiful sound can help to you achieve higher goals musically. You’re welcome to try them at our shop.

More items available in-store. Please visit us.

All strings you need

We are direct dealer of those major strings brands. Please rest assured that you get authentic and fresh stock from us. And please don’t miss out our membership program, by which we help you to save and try more.
Please feel free to call us (+852 21104166) or whatsapp us (+852 5223 3747) to know more, and tell us what you’re looking for. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

A wide range of branded violin, viola and cello bows

Before you decide to change your instrument, you may consider to change your bow first! The right bow will totally refine your current instrument’s sound quality.  We have the most wanted and trust-worthy brands with a wide range of price and materials.

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The most wanted violin & viola shoulder rests

A good shoulder rest can help you to play with ease. Some models may even make your violin/viola sounds better!

Many more trending and essential accessories

Each tiny part of the instrument can make big difference. We have the most trending and popular branded accessories for violin, viola and cello. Please stop by and check out your favourite goodies.
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More items available in-store. Please visit us.

Violin, viola and cello cases

Hundreds Gig Cases is the first instrument cases specialty store in Asia. We feature violin, viola and cello cases of BAM (France), Accord (Croatia), Gewa (Germany), Jakob Winter (Germany),  B&C (Italy), Galaxy (Korea), etc. You can choose your ideal case based on your preference over colour, shape, weight, protection, style and material . Join us to make your musical life light and easy, protect your instruments with love and care.

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