Distinction Students Demo

Every year we have quite a number of students receiving distinction in ABRSM examination. We will invite them to have a recording session with us and share the great music with all of you.

Grade 1 Violin: Bulgarian Elenke

Grade 5 Cello: La Cinquantaine

Grade 5 Singing: Shenandoah

Grade 3 Singing: Miu Wan Sin Yam

Grade 3 Singing: I whistle a happy tune

Grade 3 Singing: Ferry me across the water

Grade 3 Singing: The Path to the Moon

Grade 1 Singing: Cuckoo

Grade 3 Percussion: Greensleeves/ Study

Grade 2 Percussion: The Ash Grove

Grade 2 Flute: Les feuilles mortes

Qin Music Presents

Composer Mr. Hui Cheung-wai arranges some classics for us every year. With cantonese lyrics, we bring on the tradition of Christmas carolling and share the birth of Jesus Christ.

"Heart of Purity" (Liszt "Liebestraum No.3")

“Heart of Purity” (original piano music – Liszt “Liebestraum No.3”)

Cantonese Lyrics & Music Arr. HUI Cheung-wai

Piano Dr. Tim LI
Baritone Caleb WOO
Flute Elaine CHOY

Recording & Mixing Caleb WOO

Our teaching team will produce music videos from time to time and share the joy of making music together.

“The First Commandment”

First Stanza: F.Y. HSIEH
Second Stanza: Dr. Daniel TSE

First Stanze: Gene CHO
Second Stanza: Dr. David F. URROWS

Sound Recording / Mixing / Editing: Caleb WOO

Vocal: Caleb WOO, Elaine CHOY, Bonnie LIU, Esther YU

Videography / Editing: Andy MA

From MPHK group class to private lesson...

After being enlightened in MPHK classes, students can continue to pursue higher learning in the private lessons provided by Qin Music School. At the same time, MPHK will invite the students from the private lessons to perform in their schools. These videos are some of the examples.

Yam Kwun Hin

Kao Wing

Ho Hiu Wing

Wong Cheuk Yiu

Lee Megan

Wong Cheuk Him