Esther Yu, Program Director

Esther started learning a musical instrument since young, she believes that music could build one’s confidence, persistence and artistic sense. In addition, she found that music performance and ensemble activities connect people in a way that transcends language. Working in the music training field, Esther aims to promote music as an important tool of life education. She founded Ponte della Musica. By this platform, she actualizes her beliefs by organizing performing arts activities and ensemble training.

Esther obtained BSSc.(Communication Studies), B.A. (1st Hon, Music) and M.Phil. (Musicology) from the Hong Kong Baptist University.  She has presented papers in various international academic conferences, held respectively at University of Kwa-zulu (South Africa), SOAS University of London, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and 2013 Chinese Composers’ Festival.  One of her papers won a best student paper award at the Music of East Asia Study Group symposium of the International Council for Traditional Music.

As an erhu soloist, Esther has been invited to perform various concertos with different Chinese orchestras. She also premiered erhu solo works by composers namely Hui Cheung-wai (Hong Kong) and Wolfgang Liebhart (Austria).